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We are excited to share the goals, agenda, challenge project tasks and final recommendations, and assessment tools used in the second Provost’s Leadership Academy.

  • Professor Andy Policano led and facilitated the seven-month program; which included 19 other leaders from the campus who participated as speakers and group leaders. View Workshop Leaders.
  • 23 faculty completed the academy. Several Academy alumni have since earned new leadership roles. View 2017-18 Cohort Members.

Academy Agenda

Full-Day Workshop
Session 1 - Oct. 20, 2017
Overview- Download Presentation (PDF)

  • The Turbulent Environment Facing Higher Education
  • Panel: The Choice to Pursue a Leadership Path
  • Pragmatics: The First 100 days and Beyond
  • Small Group Breakouts with a Seasoned Leader
  • Strategic Planning Overview
  • An Introduction to University Budgeting and Financial Strategy - Download Presentation (PDF)
  • A Brief Overview of External Relations and Development

Session 2 - Dec. 8, 2017
Leadership Characteristics and Strategies
- Download Presentation (PDF)

  • Leadership styles and the phases of leadership
  • Managing your time
  • Prioritizing
  • Continuing your scholarly activities
  • Developing a personal strategy for both tactical and strategic decision making
  • Examining whether or not to pursue a longer term leadership path

Session 3 - Jan. 19, 2018
Managing Conflict
- Download Presentation (PDF)

  • Motivating faculty colleagues
  • Motivating staff
  • Making tough personnel decisions

Session 4 - Feb. 23, 2018
Affecting Change
- Download Presentation (PDF)

  • Faculty governance and working with the Academic Senate
  • Relentless adhesion to the strategic plan, vision and mission
  • Communicating often and effectively
  • Deciding which battles to fight
  • Engaging the "right" folks
  • Running a meeting with purpose
  • Alignment first, then consensus

Session 5 – April 20, 2018
External Relations and Development - Download Presentation (PDF)

  • Working with an external advisory board
  • The art and science of development
  • How to create a joyful donor
  • Challenges

Session 6 – May 4, 2018
Challenge Projects and Subgroup Recommendations to the Provost

  • Topic: Identify best practices that will increase our ability to recruit diverse faculty through school based hiring mechanisms: strategies for identification, recruitment and tools for assessment/accountability
    - View Presentation (PDF)
    - Download Report (PDF)
  • Topic: Inform development of the myData alternative: Recommendation on type and form of new elements such as teaching evaluation summary table, grant summary table, contributions to diversity, and evaluation of distribution strategies including the “hub mechanism” or other third party tools including Interfolio, Symplectic.
    - View Presentation (PDF)
    - Download Report (PDF)
  • Topic: Support school wide adoption of evidence based teaching practices: what are the barriers and what are strategies to overcome these barriers?
    - View Presentation (PDF)
    - Download Report (PDF)