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UCI Digital Health Initiative is making strides toward precision healthcare through directed artificial intelligence (AI). The initiative aims to advance healthcare from traditional one-size fits all medical solutions to targeted treatments, combined with more specific diagnoses, that result in personalized therapies for patients.

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UCI Infectious Disease Science Initiative

UCI Infectious Disease Initiative

UCI Infectious Disease Science Initiative aims to position UCI as a global leader in research and education in infectious disease dynamics by fueling the development of new knowledge and insights into the dynamics of infectious diseases and drug resistance.

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UCI Education Research Initiative

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The UCI Education Research Initiative is a multidisciplinary community of people who care about improving the educational experiences of our students, particularly underrepresented minorities, first-generation, and low income students.

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UCI Brain

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The initiative will advance our knowledge through enabling state-of-the-art collaborative research, developing the next generation of leading neuroscientists and creating an innovative digital hub for resource sharing and interactions.

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