Jan 23, 2023

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the formation of the UCI Faculty Academy for Teaching Excellence (FATE) and the inaugural class of fellows. FATE is a community of faculty from across campus with a shared desire to promote student success through teaching. Members of FATE will meet regularly to discuss all aspects of the teaching experience, from pedagogical techniques, to course policies, to departmental and universitywide issues. These meetings will provide a forum for rapid dissemination of successful approaches to challenges faced by instructors and students.

Supported by the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation, each year FATE members will lend their expertise to advise campus leadership on a set of targeted projects that advance teaching excellence.

Acceptance into FATE is an honor bestowed on faculty who have a demonstrated record of developing learning environments that foster student growth. For more information, including a list of faculty in the inaugural class and summaries of current projects, please visit the FATE webpage.

Please join us in congratulating our colleagues on this well-deserved recognition.


Hal Stern
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics

Michael Dennin
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning and Dean, Undergraduate Education
Professor, Physics and Astronomy