Nov 8, 2022

Dear colleagues,

On Monday, November 14, UCI is anticipating a work stoppage due to a strike called by the United Auto Workers (UAW) following the expiration of several labor contracts. We expect some Academic Student Employees (Teaching Assistants/Associates, Readers, and Tutors), Graduate Student Researchers, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Academic Researchers (Academic Specialists, Project Scientists, and Professional Researchers) will participate in this labor action. While the University continues to negotiate in good faith, we also remain committed to instructional and research continuity.

The information in this message is intended to help you think strategically about how to provide sustained support for instruction and research in the event your courses or research programs are impacted.

Continuity Support Committee
For questions – especially those which school or departmental resources may not be able to resolve – please contact the Continuity Support Committee at Responses can be expected within one business day.

What is expected of chairs, faculty members, and other instructors?
Chairs are responsible for working with school leadership and instructors to ensure instructional and research continuity. Instructors are expected to maintain instructional activities for all students. Chairs will work with instructors who need support or guidance in implementing continuity plans.

How do I prepare for a work stoppage impacting my course or research program?

  1. To maintain continuity of learning, use the Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation’s emergency planning guidance. There are a range of appropriate adjustments that instructors can implement to handle a short-term work stoppage. If additional longer-term adjustments are needed, please consult your chair.
  2. Ensure that you have up-to-date access to all course materials and grade data for your courses in Canvas.
  3. Develop or modify existing research continuity plans to cover labs, including ensuring lab safety and securing and maintaining research materials and data. Be prepared to implement continuity plans as needed.

Can I expect graduate students to complete coursework, including independent study?
Students enrolled in courses, independent study or otherwise, should continue to do the activities associated with those courses and be graded in response to their academic progress regardless of employment or strike participation. Faculty may still communicate with striking students regarding academic activities.

May I ask who intends to walk out in support of the labor action?
No. It is not appropriate to ask anyone if they will be participating. Commenting on participation in the strike can be construed as interference or retaliation. If you have specific performance or personnel concerns, please contact the Academic Personnel Office.

How long is the work stoppage expected to continue?
We are unable to predict the duration of the work stoppage. The University of California will continue to negotiate with the UAW in good faith to reach an agreement on contract terms, and we will provide updates and additional guidance as needed.

Academic Student Employees, Graduate Student Researchers, Postdoctoral Scholars, and Academic Researchers are valuable members of the UCI community and we look forward to reaching an agreement. We appreciate your commitment to ensure that we can continue to advance our critical teaching and research missions during this challenging time.

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Hal Stern
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics

Michael Dennin
Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education
Professor, Physics & Astronomy

Gillian Hayes
Vice Provost for Graduate Education
Dean, Graduate Division
Robert A. and Barbara L. Kleist Chair in Informatics