Oct 4, 2022

Dear colleagues,

As you may know, October is Cyber Security Awareness Month. Protecting UCI’s data and information is vital and a responsibility that each of us share. The threat of cyberattacks continues to grow and can put UCI’s intellectual property, personal information and research in jeopardy. A major security breach is not only complex and expensive to repair, but it can cause long-term damage to the reputation of the university.

Good information security practices help safeguard data. A number of cyberattacks involve the unintended actions of users, a risk that can be significantly lowered through effective training. Please do your part to keep UCI’s data safe and complete this training in a timely manner.

You will receive an email reminder with instructions when it is time to renew your annual cyber security training.

For more about cyber security, and how you can protect yourself from cyberattacks, visit security.uci.edu. For questions, contact OIT Security at security@uci.edu.


Hal Stern
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics

Tom Andriola
Vice Chancellor for Information, Technology and Data
Cyber-Risk Responsible Executive