Feb 10, 2021

Dear colleagues,

The Office of Inclusive Excellence is pleased to host an inaugural call for nominations for its Carol Connor Faculty Mentor Award and its third call for nominations for the Frances M. Leslie DECADE Mentor Excellence Award.

Nominations for both awards are due by 5 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, February 19, at: https://inclusion.uci.edu/recognition/.

The Carol Connor Faculty Mentor Award memorializes Chancellor's Professor of Education Carol Connor, who served in the School of Education from 2016 to 2020. As an equity advisor in the school, Professor Connor established the school's first climate council. The award aims to honor equity advisors past or present for similar actions to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion at UCI. Originally funded through a National Science Foundation grant in 2001, equity advisors serve in each academic unit to promote best practices in faculty recruitment and retention efforts that benefit the entire UCI enterprise. Only faculty who have previously served or who currently serve as equity advisors are eligible for nomination. A list of past and current equity advisors also is located on the nomination submission site referenced above.

The Frances M. Leslie DECADE Mentor Excellence Award recognizes faculty members with distinguished accomplishments on behalf of the graduate programs served as part of the Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience (DECADE) Mentor program. The DECADE Mentor program extended the faculty-peer consulting model developed with equity advisors to promote diverse graduate student recruitment and retention. The Frances M. Leslie DECADE Mentor Excellence Award honors the exceptional contributions of its namesake, then vice provost and dean of the Graduate Division, for outstanding service on behalf of greater equity and inclusion in graduate education on the UCI campus. Nominees should be past or present DECADE Mentors who have made substantial contributions to ensuring an inclusive climate in their graduate programs via creative programming or other unique activities. A list of past and current DECADE mentors also is located on the nomination submission site referenced above.

Submissions should include a 250-word summary about the activities and accomplishments to recognize exemplary faculty leaders in these roles.

Save the Date!

Awardees will be honored at the Mentoring for Achievement and Excellence Ceremony hosted by the Office of Inclusive Excellence, which will be held virtually on Tuesday, March 9 from 2-4 p.m. PT. RSVP and details will be posted at: https://inclusion.uci.edu/recognition/.

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