Oct 26, 2020

To campus employees:

Early this morning, a fire began in the area of Santiago Canyon Road / Silverado Canyon Road and mandatory evacuation orders have been issued in affected areas.

At this time we are suspending campus operations for the day. All non-essential staff should go home, and staff not yet on campus should not come to campus today. Only essential work, including work that supports our on-site student community such as housing and dining, should continue inside operations. If you are not sure if you are an essential employee, you should check with your supervisor for your reporting status.

Please see the City of Irvine’s website for additional information on care and reception facilities should the area where you live fall in the evacuation zone.

Environmental Health & Safety will continue to monitor the air quality on campus and will coordinate with UCI’s Emergency Management to notify groups who may be affected by the air quality.

For more information on the Air Quality Index and current fire information, please visit https://ehs.uci.edu/enviro/air-quality/current-air-quality.php.


Hal S. Stern, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics