Jun 1, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

You may have heard that President Trump issued a proclamation that bars entry to the U.S. for some international graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who have links to certain entities in China and who are in specific fields of study. The University of California and other academic partners actively lobbied against this action. At this time, little is known about the details of the President’s proclamation such as which fields of study may be affected and which entities in China are included. It is clear that this proclamation will impact many of our colleagues and friends and their families and will impact many of our future students and scholars. They will naturally be anxious and concerned in this uncertain time.

Our campus will do all that we can to support our community and advocate for those hoping to join UCI and those who want to complete the work they have already begun with us.

We will provide more information as it becomes available. All U.S. research universities are in a similar position, and UCI is a member of many strong academic networks that are united in their efforts. Throughout this time of uncertainty, let us all support the valued members of our community who are most affected.

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Hal S. Stern, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Chancellor’s Professor, Department of Statistics