Nov 5, 2019

UCPath = UC Payroll, Academic Personnel, Timekeeping, and Human Resources
UCI’s implementation of UCPath will begin in December 2019. This regular executive sponsor message aims to keep the campus community informed by providing a project status update and employee action items to help prepare for UCPath.

Project Status Update

The project is in the final months and I am pleased to report that the project remains on track. UCPath-issued pay will be distributed to monthly employees on January 2, 2020 and to bi-weekly employees on January 8, 2020.

There is still time for you to attend a UCPath Roadshow to learn what is changing, what is staying the same, and how to access and use UCPath Online, the new portal. View the schedule at

UCI UCPath materials are available for all employees and departments.

Employee Action Items

Please complete these action items to prepare for the transition to UCPath and share this information with your colleagues, student employees, new employees, and direct reports.

  1. Sign up for Direct Deposit or make changes to your Direct Deposit account by November 14. As of January 2020, paper paychecks will be mailed to the address identified in UCPath, which may take two to four days for delivery. Direct deposit ensures access to your pay on payday. If you already have direct deposit, you don’t need to do anything since your settings will transfer to UCPath.
  2. Verify your personal information in At Your Service Online (AYSO) by December 1 so your information transfers correctly to UCPath. If you still receive a paper paycheck, be sure your home address is current, since this will be the mail destination for checks.
  3. Confirm that you know your UCInetID and password. This information is required to log in to UCPath Online. Visit or contact your supervisor with UCInetID questions.
  4. Sign up for DUO Multi-Factor Authentication. This second layer of security protection for UCI accounts will be required to access UCPath Online and will become mandatory to access key UCI services by the end of 2019. Learn more at
  5. Download DFA’s With U • For U mobile app to easily access UCI UCPath information and resources on the go.

Learn More about UCPath

Visit, attend a UCPath Roadshow or email to schedule a presentation for your department. If you would like to be more involved in preparing your department for UCPath, contact your Chief Personnel Officer.


Ronald S. Cortez, JD, MA
Chief Financial Officer
Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration