Midcareer Professor Hiring Initiative

Dear colleagues,

I want to thank the campus community for its hard work delivering an outstanding set of nominees for the Midcareer Professor Hiring Initiative. I appointed a committee consisting of Vice Provost Diane O’Dowd, Vice Provost Douglas Haynes, interim Vice Chancellor James Hicks and Vice Provost Judith Stepan-Norris to review and make recommendations on 28 applications. Panel members considered workload needs, inclusive excellence and scholarly excellence/fit with each school’s strategic plan.

Consistent with my highest priority to invest in faculty, I have approved 18 nominees for immediate recruitment. Getting these nominees to campus will require continued attention and significant resources in an area of strategic importance. I look forward to these new hires arriving on campus.

This concludes this year’s review of nominees for the Midcareer Professor Hiring Initiative; there will be no additional rounds. Given the interest and quality of applicants, it is my intent to repeat this initiative next year – a final decision, of course, will be based on our success in bringing these new faculty to UCI.

I also intend to proceed earlier in the academic year to ensure that we continue to attract the most promising faculty.


Enrique Lavernia
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science