Recent Campus Actions in Support of Inclusive Excellence (not inclusive of School-based activities)

2011 onward

UCI Participation in UC-HBCU Initiative

Three UCI faculty have received grants to improve diversity and strengthen UC graduate programs in collaboration with Historically Black Colleges and Universities – to strengthen and enrich missions of teaching, research and public service.

2012 onward

Institutionalized Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience for Graduate Students (DECADE)

Funds Mentor Diversity Awards, oversees campus DECADE Graduate Student Council, and supports partnership with the ADVANCE Program to provide several training performances.

  • Diversityville 2012-2013
  • Diversitopia 2013-2014
  • Diversique? 2014-2015


Established a new program coordinator position in the Student Outreach and Retention Center (SOAR)

To address the specific needs of at-risk students

2013 onward

Expanded outreach and recruitment efforts

Increased the pool of African American applicants and increased total African American student population. From Fall 2013-Fall 2015, UCI has increased the number of enrolled Black undergraduates by 15%, and the number of enrolled Black graduate students by 21%.

2013 onward

Established Workgroups of the Advisory Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion, and Implemented Programs

African American Student Experience Workgroup; Diversity Program Workgroup; Climate Workshops for students, faculty and Staff; Multicultural Education Workgroup; Surveys/Data Analysis/Evaluation workgroup.

  • Dwight Trible concert
  • Seminars, one-on-one classes with Kenny Oden, SOAR
  • Drafted mission statement reflecting perspective and needs of black faculty, staff and students and serving as a conduit between those constituencies and the Campus Climate Council.
  • Networking events for undergraduate and graduate students
  • In planning stages: African American Documentary Series, in collaboration with Illuminations
  • Pursued African American Film Project with Carla Wilson
  • Black Urban Music Conference
  • Haki Mahabuthi – Civil Rights Movement, poetry recital
  • What Matters to Me and Why series
  • Annual Anteater Equity Games – 2014 and 2015
  • Diversity Conversations with Faculty & Staff
  • “Identifying Microaggressions”
  • “Race Talk and Other Differences: The Psychology of Talking Across Differences”
  • “Fostering Inclusive Excellence: Strategies and Tools for Deans and Chairs”

2013 onward

Launched Student Affairs programming addressing issues of race

Includes “New Narratives Series: Conversations on Identities and Culture”, with speakers such as Melissa Harris-Perry, Laverne Cox, Common, and Michael Eric Dyson Also organized academic workshops on topics such as race and policing.

Spring 2014

Publicized Results of Campus Climate Survey

More than 90% of the overall campus reports they are very comfortable, comfortable, or neutral on the overall campus climate. Undergraduate students are at 97%, graduate students are at 93%, and by race, white respondents 92%, URMs 92%, Other People of Color 95%, and Multi-minority respondents 91%.

Fall 2014

Established Diversity Opportunity Database

Connects faculty and students to opportunities to advance inclusive excellence.

Fall 2013

Established Chancellor’s ADVANCE Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Funded fellows in drama, biochemistry and molecular biology, earth system science, physics and astronomy, Chicano/Latino studies, and education.

March 2014

Established a new position in Student Affairs, Special Assistant for Cultural Affairs

To assist with programming initiatives to address race, gender, and identity.

Fall 2014

Established Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion within the Office of the Provost

Established in the Provost’s office a newly titled position and reconstituted Office of Inclusive Excellence. Also recruiting for a 50% Associate Director faculty position to oversee Faculty DECADE mentor program.

Fall 2014

Established Chancellor’s Cabinet-Level Leadership Position for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Reconstitution of key diversity oversight position reporting to Chancellor’s Office.


Reenergized efforts to recruit a more diverse faculty

Resulting in an historic high in the recruitment of African American faculty.


Elevated Attention to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Faculty Review Process

Disseminated guidelines for reporting on diversity activity.

Spring 2015

Launch of “Living 101” – Undergraduate Course taught by Valerie Sheppard

1.3 unit/optional credit course offered quarterly through Student Affairs, covering topics to assist first-generation and at-risk students.

Sept 2015

Launch of Award for Innovation in Higher Education in Orange County

New UCI Partnership with Santa Ana Unified School District, Santa Ana College, California State University, Fullerton.

Fall 2015

Required Diversity Statement of all Faculty Applicants

Established a new requirement that all applicants for faculty positions submit a statement on their contributions to diversity which will be considered by hiring committees.

Fall 2015

Publicized Guidelines for Addressing Race and Gender Equity in Academic Programs

Guidelines describe strategies for diversity programming that can be legally implemented to advance the U.C.’s commitment to inclusivity.

January - June 2015

Establishment of Taskforce for Ensuring Positive Campus Climate for the African American Community, and Announced Taskforce Outcomes

  • Established an African American scholars and excellence hall in the Arroyo Vista complex.
  • Restored a resident assistant position in the Rosa Parks House.
  • Approved the creation of a Black Resource Center, with a budget to include a director, staff, programs, and student interns.
  • Initiated the process for elevating the Program in African American Studies to department status, with endorsements by the relevant dean and Academic Senate review underway.
  • Initiated Academic Senate review of a proposal to strengthen the multicultural breadth requirement by adding a learning outcome that must “demonstrate skills to recognize, critically analyze, and question structural systems of oppression”.
  • Agreed that senior administrators would not to refer to incidents of racism or racial insensitivity as “rare or isolated”.

Spring 2015

Worked with African American Alumni to expand the influence and impact of the UCI Black Alumni Association

Fall 2015

Institutionalized Diverse Educational Community and Doctoral Experience (DECADE) Faculty Mentors Program

Goals are to Increase applications and degree completion of under-represented minorities and women in designated STEM fields, and to improve climate for graduate education.

In process

Established Committee on the Commitment on a Positive Climate for the African American Community

  • Monitor implementation of Demands and Report to Chancellor and Provost.
  • Chaired by Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

In process

Inclusive Excellence in the new Strategic Plan

The commitment to inclusive excellence is part of new strategic plan.