Vice Provost Judy Stepan-Norris

Vice Provost Judy Stepan-Norris

Judith Stepan-Norris is the Vice Provost for Academic Planning at the University of California, Irvine and a Professor of Sociology. She has worked with the UCI ADVANCE program to examine its efficacy in enhancing gender equity and she served as the Social Science Equity Advisor and chair of the UC-wide Research Scholars Advisory Board for the ADVANCE PAID program. Her research centers on social movements; it has a predominant focus on the U.S. labor movement (workers, union structure, union leadership, and union democracy), with other work on the Los Angeles renters movement and efforts to improve gender inequity in higher education.

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Role of the Vice Provost for Academic Planning

The Vice Provost for Academic Planning engages in academic and strategic planning, oversees UCI Academic Initiatives, co-chairs the Academic Planning Group and its task forces, as well as leads the Council for Enrollment and Student Success, and frequently collaborates on UC systemwide activities. Additionally, administrators in Academic Planning coordinate approval of new degree programs and academic units, and all aspects of institutional accreditation. The Office of Academic Planning serves as an incubator for new initiatives on campus (e.g. UCI Engage).

The Office of Academic Planning and the Academic Planning Group coordinate implementation and ongoing assessment of UCI’s Strategic Plan – Bright Past, Brilliant Future.  Thousands of our faculty, students, staff, alumni, and community members provided input, and the plan is a true reflection of our collective vision. Now at the implementation and assessment stages, the strategic plan guides our work and leads us to shine brighter.