Jul 7, 2020

Dear colleagues,

The goal of the Infectious Disease Initiative (IDSI) is to place UCI at the forefront of infectious disease dynamics research by promoting multi-disciplinary research and education. Since launching in July 2019, IDSI organized community outreach events, facilitated new collaborative research projects, and supported the submission of an NSF training grant. In March, IDSI shifted from in-person events and activities to mobilizing response to the coronavirus pandemic. We have actively worked with various faculty to stimulate and support new studies of COVID-19 dynamics.

Thank you for your support of IDSI. We are pleased to highlight some of our achievements during our first year.

Sanghyuk Shin
Director, Infectious Disease Science Initiative


IDSI Public Seminar on COVID-19
IDSI organized the first public seminar at UCI on COVID-19
On February 10, the UCI Infectious Disease Science Initiative welcomed more than 120 attendees and 230 viewers on livestream at the “2019 Novel Coronavirus: Current State of Knowledge and Public Health Response” public seminar at the UCI Student Center.

IDSI Hosted Several Successful Events


Co-Directors Receive R01 Award on TB Transmission Dynamics
Co-Directors Receive R01 Award on TB transmission dynamics in Botswana
IDSI Director Sanghyuk Shin and Co-Director Vladimir Minin are leading a five-year NIH R01-funded study to understand how TB spreads in populations affected by HIV.

Seed Grants Awarded
Grants have been awarded to Solomon Kibret Birhanie of Public Health (Spatio-temporal analysis of malaria risk related to water resources development – linking field and remote sensed data) and Nicholas Rhoades of Molecular Biology (Role of the microbiome and lung immunity in non-tuberculosis mycobacterium infection).

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IDSI Education

IDSI applies for NSF Research Training Grant
IDSI co-directors Sanghyuk Shin, Vladimir Minin, Guiyun Yan, Donald Forthal along with Dominik Wodarz (PI) submitted an application for an NSF grant for infectious disease dynamics training.

Co-Director Dr. Guiyun Yan Receives D43 Training Grant
This 5-year, $1.5 million D43 project from NIH Fogarty International Center titled “Population Biology of African Malaria Vectors and Parasites Malaria” aims to improve research capacity in Africa in the area of malaria vector biology and parasitology.

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The FAB meeting and Summer Workshop on ID Dynamics are planned to take place in the future. The workshop topics are featured in the FAB survey.

Upcoming Activities

A workshop on ID Dynamics is planned to take place in the summer. You will also get an invitation for a Faculty Advisory Board meeting in the near future.

For more information about the UCI Infectious Disease Science Initiative, please visit

Email: idinitiative@uci.edu