Nov 1, 2019

Four UCI faculty members have been recognized as 2019 University of California-Historically Black Colleges and Universities (UC-HBCU) Initiative awardees. Their continued efforts help us prepare the nation’s talented students for graduate opportunities.

Tayloria AdamsTayloria Adams
Assistant Professor in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering –“Summer Training in Excellence in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Research”






Vasan VenugopalanVasan Venugopalan
Professor and Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering – “Access to Career in Engineering and Sciences (ACES)”






Jessica MillwardJessica Millward
Associate Professor of History - “UCI-Morgan State University (Black) Digital Humanities Pathways Program”






Tiffany Willoughby-HerardTiffany Willoughby-Herard
Associate Professor of African American Studies – “UCI-Morgan State University (Black) Digital Humanities Pathways Program”






UC-HBCU is a system-wide initiative designed to attract graduates from Historically Black Colleges and Universities to unique summer research opportunities. Many of the participants will enter and graduate from UC doctoral and professional programs, and the initiative boasts an average yield rate of 85 percent for those who enroll at UC campuses.

UC has hosted over 480 HBCU scholars across nine UC campuses. As a direct result of this Initiative, 47 Ph.D. students and six academic master’s students are currently enrolled at UC; three Ph.D. students and five master’s students have already graduated.