Apr 9, 2019

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the establishment of UC Irvine’s first provisional Organized Research Unit (proORU), the Connected Learning Lab (CLL) under the Direction of Professor Mizuko Ito.  The CLL’s focus is evidence-based research and design of learning technologies, with an emphasis on digital equity and wellness. Building on a foundation of more than a decade of work funded by over $40M from the MacArthur Foundation, CLL has expanded its breadth and scope, attracting 23 new faculty members to participate in the new PrORU.

The provisional designation is for a period of 3 years, during which the CLL will endeavor to meet milestones that would support application for recognition as a full Organized Research Unit.

For more information, please see https://connectedlearning.uci.edu/

Congratulations, Director Ito, and the entire CLL team!


Pramod Khargonekar, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor for Research
Distinguished Professor of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science