Nine faculty honored as AAAS fellows

Dear colleagues:

Today we celebrate nine faculty members elected fellows to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I am thrilled to recognize these exceptional individuals for their tremendous accomplishments, which have greatly contributed to their specific fields and have changed the way we understand the world.

Below are the new fellows from UCI and the AAAS citation for each:

  • Tom Boellstorff, professor of anthropology: For significant contributions in research via cross-cultural studies of gender/sexuality and the mediation of identities through digital media, and service to the profession of anthropology
  • Jonathan L. Feng, professor of physics & astronomy: For leadership in theoretical physics and cosmology, particularly in elucidating the nature of dark matter, and for communicating the excitement of particle physics to a broad audience
  • David A. Fruman, professor of molecular biology & biochemistry: For distinguished contributions in biology, particularly for studies of signaling transduction from phosphoinositide 3-kinase and its role in normal cell development and disease
  • Ramesh C. Jain, Donald Bren Professor of Computer Science: For distinguished contributions to the fields of computer vision, multimedia information management and experiential computing resulting in transforming the multimedia community with multiple successes in innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Elizabeth F. Loftus, Distinguished Professor of psychology & social behavior and criminology, law & society: For distinguished contributions to the field of social psychology, particularly human memory and its application to legal proceedings, and for dedicated service to AAAS on its board of directors
  • William M. Maurer, dean of the School of Social Sciences and professor of anthropology and law: For distinguished contributions to the fields of law and economic anthropology specializing in banking and the meaning of money in different cultures
  • Hal S. Stern, Ted & Janice Smith Family Foundation Dean of the Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences: For high-impact contributions to statistical methodology and important applications, for development and application of Bayesian methods, and for high-leverage national service and university administration
  • Shiou-Chuan “Sheryl” Tsai, professor of molecular biology & biochemistry: For distinguished contributions in chemistry and biology, particularly for the structure and enzymology of polyketide synthase
  • Gene Tsudik, Chancellor’s Professor of computer science and vice chair of graduate studies in computer science: For contributions to security and privacy of the internet

Please join me in congratulating these extraordinary faculty members on their terrific professional achievements. This year’s cohort brings the total number of UCI AAAS fellows to 150. Our university is enriched by their profound passion and influential scholarship.


Enrique Lavernia
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science