UCI Division of Continuing Education

To the Anteater community:

On behalf of the chancellor, I am pleased to announce that University Extension will become the Division of Continuing Education, effective with the fall 2016 term. The name change emphasizes the high importance UCI places on lifelong learning for our graduates and members of our community.

The transition to the DCE is comparable to that of our other academic divisions: the Graduate Division, the Division of Undergraduate Education and the Division of Teaching & Learning. The DCE will foster continuing education across the campus in whatever organizational unit it may exist or be developed. DCE resources will support a broad range of income-generating and service enterprises within departments, schools and service units. For instance, the division will continue to use its considerable marketing capacities to successfully recruit students to new degree and certificate programs, utilize its open channels to serve current students and promote UCI as a major international institution, serve as an experimental organization for new instructional technologies and practices, recruit international students to its own and campus programs, and help students identify meaningful academic and professional careers.

Dean Gary Matkin will direct the DCE and report to me. He will continue to report to Vice Provost Michael Dennin regarding his responsibilities for Summer Session and several units of the Division of Teaching & Learning. Please direct any questions about DCE services to Dean Matkin.


Enrique J. Lavernia, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Distinguished Professor,
Department of Materials Science and Engineering

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