Inclusive Excellence

Dear Colleagues:

We are fortunate to have many current outstanding faculty who are leaders in their fields, generating important research and creative work. As we continue to build on our strengths we will continue to attract and recruit other top scholars of a similar caliber.

To do so, we must all actively seek to identify and develop a qualified and diverse pool of candidates. We must continue to reach out proactively to candidates from under-represented groups and encourage them to apply. It is a central feature of our strategic planning that we will enhance the quality of our programs and enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the campus by increasing the diversity of our faculty and students. We embrace a culture of inclusive excellence, and we remain committed to providing equal opportunity for outstanding women and men of every race, creed, and background.

Associate Vice Provost Douglas Haynes is available to consult with deans and other program leaders to develop recruitment strategies that will generate a strong and diverse pool of candidates for open positions. He is also available to speak with recruits to give a perspective on the welcoming climate of the campus. In addition, the designated faculty Equity Advisor for each school has an important role to play in ensuring that search committees use best practices in promoting our commitment to inclusive excellence and broadening the pool of qualified candidates. Throughout the year the campus also amplifies its commitment to diversity and inclusion through the placement of institutional advertisements in general purpose and specialized venues such as the Chronicle of Higher Education Diversity SupplementNew ScientistDiverse among other venues. 

Below is a summary of best practices for recruitment strategies. I ask deans, department chairs, and search committees to consider which strategies will work best for their needs.

Understanding the Recruitment Context

  • Review recent departmental hiring activity.
  • Consult national availability pool for tenure track and tenured faculty in the field.
  • Search directories of the Compact for Diversity, Ford Foundation, UC President’s Postdoctoral Program, Faculty of the Future, and Women in Science and Engineering.
  • Understand the faculty hiring incentive associated with the UC President’s Postdoctoral Program and, if appropriate, develop plans to take advantage of the opportunities provided.
  • Discuss the strategies for outreach the school will use each year to identify qualified candidates from under-represented groups.

Effective Advertisement and Outreach to Raise Awareness

  • Ensure that every search committee and every promotion and tenure committee has members who will provide a variety of informed points of view about each candidate.
  • Make sure that every open position is advertised, and make use of discipline-specific outlets that are most likely to reach under-represented minorities and women.
  • Describe the position broadly and include campus diversity and inclusion statement.
  • Be proactive and creative in seeking out strong potential candidates and encouraging them to apply.
  • Make personal contact at professional meetings and conferences with women and under-represented minority faculty who are potential candidates or referral sources.
  • Contact senior minority and women scholars in the field for the names of promising scholars and researchers.

Building a Pipeline to the UCI Professoriate from Professional Organizations to Your Department

  • Participate in diversity initiatives sponsored by professional associations and organizations.
  • Meet with minority and women graduate student organizations during campus visits.
  • Invite advanced graduate students or postdoctoral scholars to participate in departmental seminars or workshops.
  • Encourage eligible graduate students to select UCI as their campus destination for the UC President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program or the Ford Foundation Program.

For additional information, please consult the Critical Resources tab on the ADVANCE Program website at 

Thank you for your efforts to advance our commitment to inclusive excellence in all recruitment and hiring activities.

Howard Gillman
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor