Diversity Statement June 2014

Dear Colleagues,

UC Irvine’s commitment to inclusive excellence is integral to our ascendancy among globally preeminent universities. This commitment animates faculty research, teaching and service while advancing our capacity to shape the future. This commitment is grounded in University of California policy that governs faculty appointment, review and appraisal (APM 210.1-d) .  This policy recommends that faculty both be encouraged and rewarded for activity that promotes inclusive excellence. Earlier this year I provided new guidelines to ensure that faculty activity in this vital area of university life is appropriately evaluated and rewarded. 

Building on these guidelines, the campus will extend our commitment to inclusive excellence to the faculty search process. Beginning in 2014-15 all applicants for faculty positions will be expected to share how their past and/or their potential contributions will advance UC Irvine’s commitment to inclusive excellence. This diversity statement will not only complement the research and teaching interests of applicants, but also describe the various ways candidates intend to enrich the campus culture. The diversity statement will be incorporated in the search process as detailed below.

1. Advertisements for all open positions will include the following statement:  “A separate statement that addresses past and/or potential contributions to diversity, equity and inclusion should also be included in the application materials”

2. The on-line Recruit application system will include a field for applicants to upload their diversity statements.

3. A diversity statement evaluation grid will be provided to all search committees and will also be available on the ADVANCE program website.

4. Equity Advisors will discuss the use of the diversity statement evaluation grid in their mandatory presentation to search committees.

5. Departments will discuss the strength of the diversity statement as part of the rationale for the proposed list of short-listed candidates to be invited to campus.

6. Deans will consider the diversity statements of finalists and summarize the diversity activities of new hires as part of their annual report to the provost.

Please review and discuss with your department and school faculty.  Should you have questions, please contact Associate Vice Provost for Equity and Diversity Douglas Haynes.


Howard Gillman, Ph.D.
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

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